Monday, February 25, 2008

The Living Room in Portland

If I lived closer to Portland, Oregon I would be all over this exhibit - The Living Room, currently running at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft through March 23rd. The exhibit "spotlights the current cultural trend to eclectically mix vintage finds, modern classics and fine craft in the 21st century home. Objects will be periodically rotated throughout the duration to highlight different relationships, as well as the resurgent interest in mid-century modern design, ornamentation and eco-consciousness."
The Living Room represents today's design culture that has flourished within magazines, blogs, and communities. Many of us have a variety of objects in our home ranging from vintage, modern, handmade, to environmentally friendly items. I think it's wonderful Portland is illustrating "real design" elements, and I also love that they rotate objects, because we all tend to do the same in our own living rooms. What are your thoughts on The Living Room exhibit? Have you seen it?!

Images from Ultra.


Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

The exhibit is beautiful in person. The new museum is a great asset for Portland and a "must" for anyone visiting the city.

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