Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pottery Barn Love

I'm currently loving Pottery Barn's new furniture and accessories. I always enjoy browsing their catalog for ideas. Yet, I think most people have a love-hate for Pottery Barn - love their stuff, hate their prices. But, it's always nice to look, and in my case dream of designing for them one day. I want to be the person that shops for them, and buys all the cool props and accessories. How great would that be?!

Can you be in love with chairs? Because I'm in love with these french metal chairs. They blend effortlessly with all kinds of textures and styles. Also liking the nash pendant lighting.

Solid Architect's Desk. Great little storage compartments and wooden slab for books or your feet. I'm always propping my legs up at my desk. I am attracted by all kinds of desks...I secretly want a desk in every room. Did I mention desks are awesome?

I like the simple Arlington Sofa, along with the green bolster pillows. This set-up looks so fresh and delicious. Yum.


Allison said...

I want that desk really badly.

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