Sunday, February 24, 2008

Revival Antiques & Accessories

On my trip to the flea market for Vintage Find Sunday I discovered another amazing find - Revival Antiques & Accessories. They offer an eclectic collection of what they say is "the most original mix of old, new and salvage pieces." By collaborating with antique dealers and suppliers across the Northeast, they keep their inventory interesting and fresh. Here is a small sampling of their items at the flea market:

My favorite item was the large jacks - modern and playful. The colorful bowls were great too because they are practical measuring cups.

The floral science chart would look lovely above this antiqued, light green writing desk. Perfect for a small office area.

School days are back with the original abacus and vintage books. The framed needlepoint adds a great touch to this look.

These jars are a simple solution to flower arranging. The wire frame on top provides a guide for your flowers - quick and great looking.

I'm a big fan of wire baskets, and these baskets make storage stylish. I also loved, loved, loved the color of this upholstered chair.

Besides all the great accessories and furniture they have available at the N.C. Fairgrounds flea market, they also have a large warehouse and showroom in downtown Raleigh off Capital Blvd. Here you can purchase pieces as they found them, or they will re-work items in a custom finish of your choice. I was impressed with Revival Antique's items, and look forward to visiting their warehouse. To find out more information check out their website.


Y/S Lady said...

Very, very, nice.

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