Sunday, March 23, 2008

Artist Laurel Sparks

Beauty, color, and decay are words to describe the paintings by Laural Sparks. Her statement says, "Decorative and biological elements are fused to create hermaphroditic icons; Venetian chandeliers and human bones are among my inspirations. In the spirit of collage, color, glitter, papier-mache’ and objects adorn the surface, connoting excess."

The combination of glamorous chandeliers and bones is absolutely thrilling to me.

From top to bottom: Drella, Sonata of Bones, Limbo, and Teardrop Explodes.

Check out more enticing paintings at Laurel Sparks's website or at the Howard Yezerski Gallery.


Fiesta Lady said...

I really can't get into these paintings. Actually they remind me of a Roeshack ink blot. It looks like a blob of paint put into a folded blotter and squashed together. Sorry -

addicted said...

these are so rad.

OrganicBedding said...

I love your painting.
Organic Bedding

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